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Trish Paul has grown up immersed in property development and construction. From a young age she has lived on building sites while her parents built large executive homes, making her own floorplans while playing in the garden. Before having a family, she worked as a secretary in an estate agents.  However, when she returned to work after her career break, she suffered serious health challenges that resulted in her deciding on a career change. After working in her father’s 40+ year old development business, she then caught the property bug herself, going on to build her own property portfolio starting with refurbishments and evolving into a development business.

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Her family have been providing rental properties in Bognor Regis for over twenty years and Trish has now taken the reigns and has actively sought to raise the bar to provide high-quality homes to long term tenants, which she manages herself.

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Here at Sea Salt, we ‘ve bought properties at auction, properties that are un-mortgageable, probate properties, uninhabitable properties, flats with short leases, landlords properties and building sites, to name but a few.


During this time, Trish, alongside a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, have purchased and developed countless properties that have been deemed to be unsaleable through the usual means. She also works with investors, which enable her to purchase un-mortgageable properties quickly and she has a great team on the ground that keep her properties well maintained and can move quickly to complete projects.  This means she can help owners or landlords with properties that may require specialist advice with title issues, tax concerns, structural issues, lease extensions, development potential, damp issues, building works etc.

If your property has issues that is making it difficult to sell, or if you are a landlord that requires specific tax advice or you feel your property has development possibilities, please get in touch with us today.

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